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Born from the philosphy that Mother Nature has the ability to bring us back to balance.

Our invitation is to elevate you to your highest self through experiencing the connection to nature through natural fragrance.

We believe in a world that is sustainably connected to nature. We stand in opposition to the idea that lab made synthetics are the answer to replacing all that nature has to offer.

How are Natural Fragrances Different?

Traditional Fragrances

Use mainly synthetic compounds that are designed to mimic natural aromas such as flowers, citrus and woody notes.

Often include phthalates to make the fragrance last longer on the skin, despite phthalate being a well known hormone disruptor.

Clean Fragrances

Created with safe synthetic materials and may list the ingredients for greater transparency (but not always).

Most clean fragrances only have a few natural ingredients, sometimes none at all.

Natural Fragrances

Every ingredient is derived from a natural source.

Extremely rare in the fragrance industry due to the high cost and highly skilled craftmanship required to layer complexity and longevity into the fragrance using traditional artisinal methods.

Wellness Benefits

Ayurvedic wisdom guides us to the deep knowledge that the closer we are to nature, the closer we arrive to our highest vibration or flow state.

This sparked a strong vision that Tulita fragrance would always need to be 100% natural to offer you a daily dose of natural botanicals immersed in your daily fragrance routine, creating a ritual to pause, connect and be mindful with your intention, harnessing all the vedic wisdom has to offer.

Health Benefits

By opting for a natural fragrance, you are safely avoiding the chemical compounds often contained in traditional or synthetic fragrances that are known carcinogens and endocrine (hormone) disruptors.

Community Benefits

We ethically source our raw ingredients via our incredible partner Givaudan. From the vetiver grown in Haiti to the Jasmine grown in India, the livelihood of these communities is dependent on the farming practices of these plants as they have done for centuries.

A fully synthetic world of lab made ingredients will deplete these communities from income and likely deplete the world of the abundance of botanicals grown and harvested.

Making my natural fragrance last longer


Dry skin will not hold a fragrance as long, moisturise first with unscented moisturiser before applying fragrance. Well hydrated skin can hold your fragrance up to 30% longer.

Non pulse points

Apply to non-pulse point areas such as back of the neck, back of the knees, in your hair.

Pulse points (such as wrists and neck) create warmth for the fragrance to accelerate the break down process of the natural botanicals.

Dont rub

Avoid rubbing your wrists together if you apply to this pulse point. It affectively “crushes” the delicate top notes such as light florals and citruses and changes the profile of the fragrance.


Apply to the collar of clothing as the fragrance will bind better to fabrics and natural fibres.

Fragrance to connect you to nature

Fragrance to elevate your mood, energy & emotion

Fragrance to bring you to your highest self