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Tulita was founded to set a new benchmark in luxury, ethical, 
and sustainable fragrance.

Sustainable Luxury

We are a passionate pioneer in the Blue beauty movement, surpassing clean and green practices with unwavering dedication to sustainability and transparency. Our approach incorporates natural, biodegradable, plastic-negative, refillable, reusable, upcycled, and recyclable elements, contributing to the preservation of both oceans and lands. For us, the future of beauty is undeniably blue.

Blue Beauty

“Blue beauty brands are making sure their products are safe for the environment, but are also looking at ways their practices are contributing back to and having a net positive effect on the environment.”

— Jeannie Jarnot, founder of the Blue beauty movement

Blue beauty has a clearly-defined agenda on what it wants to help and how brands can work towards achieving the end goal.

We are committed to them all.

All of our fragrances are 100% naturally derived, plant based ingredients that are predominantly organic and non GMO.

We have gone 1 step further than plastic neutral, we are proudly certified Plastic Negative by Australia's leading body: Waste Revolution Pty Ltd.

Our packaging is proudly FSC certified.

Our formulations are biodegradable.

Our fragrances are refillable and reusable.

Our iconic Crystal Cap is intelligently crafted for upcycle and reuse onto the
Gua Sha massage stone handle.

In close partnership with the Givaudan Foundation and the Sourcing4Good program, our natural ingredients work to support local communities such as our Sandalwood Essential Oil from Dutjahn in Western Australia. 

Dutjahn are proudly 50% Indigenous owned business, they help to regenerate lands, prevent biodiversity loss and deliver fair returns to Aboriginal people.

We are proud to announce we have become Trace certified Carbon Positive offsetting 150% of our emissions.

In a rare move for the category (some would even say shocking), we proudly list on our packaging, not only the ingredients of our fragrance,  but their sourcing and origin, celebrating the communities that have grown and harvested the botanicals that make Tulita’s natural fragrance so unique.

All of our outer card packaging, our glass bottles and aluminium funnels can be recycled.

Empty Tulita bottles can also be returned to us directly to receive -10% of your next order.

Green technology is used in our formulations to reduce the impact on the environment and reduce waste materials such as our UpCycled Rose Water.

Nature is our ultimate connector and we feel deeply responsible to protect her.  We are a proud supporter of The Ocean Clean Up, an organization committed to remove 90% of floating ocean plastic currently estimated at over 100,000,000 kilograms of plastic.

We are actively working towards becoming B-Corp certified and will share our progress here regularly.

Tulita works in synergy with Mother Nature to realign you to your highest self.

Heavenly-Scent Ingredients

The fragrance industry is one of the only industries that isn’t required to disclose the ingredients and formulas used in its products.

We stand in opposition to this idea, disclosing not only the ingredients we use, but also where they are sourced, and how we are committed to the communities and lands from which our botanicals come. In essence, we believe in radical transparency.

Our ingredient selection process incorporates the principles of Vedic Chakra balancing and a commitment to ethical, natural sourcing and a celebration of the farmers that nurture and grow our powerful botanicals.

Agati Ingredients

round-plus round-plus

Vikasa Ingredients

round-plus round-plus

Divya Ingredients

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Pioneering Formulations

We work alongside world-leading perfumers to masterfully create all-natural, luxury fragrances that have the power to balance energy to bring you closer to your highest self.

Our formulations are a testament to our commitment to planet positive and ethical practices. They are biodegradable, safeguarding our water systems from harmful waste. We use non GMO, organic sugar cane ethanol, heroing a sustainable and eco-friendly approach. Moreover, our formulations are 100% naturally derived, created entirely from plant-based sources, making them vegan and cruelty-free, with no testing on animals, not now, not ever. 

We take pride in its all-natural origin, free from any harmful synthetics like parabens, phthalates, denatured alcohol, petroleum, SLES, PEG, EDTA, ALS, silicones, or aluminium.

Supporting Our Farmers and Suppliers

Our sourcing partner Givaudan is dedicated to providing support to communities reliant on farming and ingredient manufacturing in the regions where our natural ingredients are sourced as well as supporting sustainable practices in the farming and manufacture of ingredients to preserve natural resources.

  • Sandalwood

  • Patchouli

  • Vetiver

  • Upcycled Rose Water

  • Bergamot Oil

  • Cardamom Extract

  • Tonka Bean Absolute

Planet-Positive Packaging

In an industry known for its contribution to plastic waste in our oceans, all of our certified plastic negative packaging has been painstakingly designed to be upcycled and refillable. Our packaging is proudly:

Certified Plastic Negative

To minimise plastic usage, our packaging is meticulously designed with alternative materials to plastic, like our custom aluminium cap.

While our perfume bottle currently contains a small plastic dip tube, we are actively working on a solution to eliminate it entirely, partnering with Australia’s leading Plastic Neutral Certification, Waste Revolution to remove x2 kilograms to every x1 kilogram contributed from oceans and landfill.

Designed to be upcycled

We’ve taken upcycling to the next level, transforming your Tulita crystal cap into a multifunctional item. It can serve as a standalone desk crystal or be attached to our 100% aluminium Gua Sha handle, turning it into a Gua Sha or Kansa wand, perfect for toning, sculpting, and lymphatic drainage.

Discover the Gua Sha handle.

100% FSC Paper

We take pride in being 100% FSC Paper certified, using eco-friendly materials for all our packaging, which can be fully recycled.


Spotlighting sustainability, our Tulita fragrance bottle is refillable, featuring a custom screw top spray. We also encourage customers to re-use their bottles by offering refill options that come with recyclable aluminium funnels.

Discover our fragrance refills.


Our commitment to ethical sourcing is evident through our suppliers, all of whom adhere to the Tulita code of ethics, ensuring safe and fair work practices and sustainable sourcing of raw materials.


When it's time to recycle, simply unscrew the pump atomizer, rinse the bottle with warm water, and place the glass bottle in the glass recycling bin. Please note that the fragrance pump, due to its construction using three different materials (metal spring, aluminium shell, and plastic tube), is currently non-recyclable. We are actively collaborating with our supplier to find a more eco-friendly solution. All of the outer card packaging can be recycled.

Circular Beauty

Each Tulita bottle is designed to be refilled, reused and recycled.

To participate in our 'Circularity 1.0' program, simply return your empty bottle to us and receive 15% off your next order.

To organise your circular return contact us at to follow our easy steps. We are currently working towards Circularity 2.0, a more advanced and comprehensive initiative, which will be available soon.

Our Accreditations & Awards

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