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Divya 50ml Refill

Sale price$182.00

Rooted in a profound reverence for Mother Nature, Tulita believes in intelligent and multifunctional design principles that promote upcycling, reusability, and waste minimisation. Your fragrance bottle features a screw top pump, which can be detached and refilled with the use of our low imprint refill bottle and recyclable aluminium funnel.

    Divya 50ml Refill
    Divya 50ml Refill Sale price$182.00

    Activated Crystals

    Every Tulita fragrance is adorned with a hand carved crystal cap, positively charged to balance Chakra energy.

    Our crystals are all ethically sourced and are designed to be kept forever either by converting to our Gua Sha massage stone or as an ornament.

    Rich in Botanicals

    Steeped in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, our fragrances are created from a rich remedy of flowers, plants, bark and plant roots to infuse the maximum of natural remedies known for centuries to balance the chakra energy centres.

    Non Toxic

    Formulated to be of all-natural origin and free from harmful synthetics, like: parabens, phthalates, denatured alcohol, petroleum, SLES, PEG, EDTA, ALS, silicon and aluminum.

    The majority of our fragrances (est 80%) are organic and biodregradable to be safer on the skin and environment.

    Refillable & Recyclable

    Spotlighting sustainability, our bottle is refillable, featuring a custom screw top spray. We encourage customers to re-use their bottles by offering refill options that come with recyclable aluminum funnels.

    Our packaging is 100% recyclable, plastic neutral & FSC certified paper

    "I have tried a lot of natural fragrances but Tulita is truly exceptional"

    "The most exciting new fragrance brand - a true revolution in natural fragrance"

    "Luxury fragrance meets mindfulness"